• Terrorism as a Global Phenomenon

    Terrorism can be compared to AIDS. In both instances, the major goal in the study of each consists in delivering humankind from the wickedest global hazards of our time.

    While AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) and its properties have been attributed a concrete and understandable medical definition, terrorism to this day has not been given a comprehensive and distinct characterisation. Terrorism has been given dozens of different labels. Even though the approaches vary, in each case terrorism is associated with attacks on civilian targets and civilians, targets that have no direct relation to an actual conflict, a military conflict, or to the direct causes of a conflict.

    Let us specify at once, that this series of DOC publications on the theme of terrorism refers to Islamic terrorism, which is currently the most relevant – it is a delusion to expect its disappearance in the near future. Other terrorisms, especially left-wing separatist movements, can be characterised as local, limited in time and space, and do not represent the same global menace as does Islamic terrorism.

    Citation recommendation:

    Malashenko, Alexey. Terrorism as a Global Phenomenon. DOC Research Institute (2017). Available at http://e-library.doc-research.org/publications/detail/133.